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It is with great joy that I say I am proud of you. Sadly, I can hardly find elders to say that to. Good elders are hard to find these days. When I see Val and your family, I see the future I wanted to see for America and all African peoples--including the diaspora. I see Israel's comfort in Isaiah 40. I believe in your family's G-d ordained mission. I look forward to G-d and the Messiah being revealed in your legacy and actions, as a family. Sometimes the stars align, not quite when you pray but exactly when G-d asks. This is a moment for me. I am mad it took so long but I am learning to accept G-d's timing. Looking forward to praying fervently for the release of the Messianic Age to the world, that resides in you and your family, to be brought into the world. These are exciting times for the few who have their eyes on G-d! Bless blessed!!!

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